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Why visit the Farmschool?

Understanding food should be a central part of every young person’s education. Food and its production impacts our health, the health of the countryside and the sustainability of the planet. We all have a responsibility to make informed choices about the food that we eat.  At the Farmschool, we pride ourselves on a programme that is delivered by farmers who are trained educators.

How does The Farmschool fit with the curriculum?

Our current focus at The Farmschool is a programme tailored to the GCSE in Food Preparation and Technology. Taught through the lens of this large commercial farming business, we bring relevance and real life examples to sustainability, provenance and seasonaility. The Farmschool’s practical activities are engaging, dynamic and rewarding.

A typical lesson plan

The visit is designed to suit your needs: according to knowledge,  the amount of time you have; the number of pupils and your budget.

A typical day may include:


Worm hunting

Bird surveys

Baking, e.g. bread making

Identifying habitats

Milking demonstration

Student led digital application

Water and resource management

Tractor and trailer ride

Would you like to know more?

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